On Forums, people keeps asking about setting up lwjgl library with netbeans. So here i am going to show the steps to do that.

STEP 1: Go to Tools-> Libariries.Now create new library. Give it a name say “lwjgl21”.


STEP 2: Now we have to configure the library. Click the classpath tab, then click add jars, and add all the jars shown below:


STEP 3: If u want to add java doc than click the javadoc tab, and then add the javadoc folder. Then finally click oK and lwjgl21 library that we have just created is done.

STEP 4: Now create a empty java project.


STEP 5: Now we have to set the properties so that our newly created project can find the lwjgl library and jar files. So Right-Click the project-> Properties. Now check the image carefully and configure accordingly. So first select libraries on the categories section and then click compile tab, and then add jar file for compilation step. This step is very important so check image properly below.


STEP 6: Okie now click run tab, and add the library that we had just created. Check the image very properly.


STEP 7: Now the final step. We have to provide the argument so that project cud find the necessary dll files. So first select the Run at caregories section then go to vm-options. Check the image properly and follow.


Okie thats it. Now click ok. So you have just set up lwjgl with your netbeans ide. So now you can compile and run your lwjgl app. I am using netbeans ide 6.7.