Yesterday i was writing a 3d Carousel Gallery of videos and Photos. All functions were coded and working properly, only interaction with items was yet to be coded. So i started writing codes for interaction with items on my 3d gallery. So interaction handling wasn’t very big deal. i got it working in few minutes. My interaction function was when i click item which is at the face of camera then new bigger version of that image appears from back to the front and back gallery shifts back a little and fades a little (some nice animation). I did use Planes and BitmapFileMaterial to map texture to plane.
So that was working fine but i noticed that when i move mouse over items then buttonmode icon wasn’t coming. So i did write item.buttonMode=true; and “viola” there isn’t any such property called buttonMode for 3D primitives and materials in papervision. So i opened the papervision documentation and went through the methods and property but no success. Then after exploring docs for some more time i stumbled into viewport object and found something very gold :D.

There was a property for viewport:


so i put it in my scene initialization routine and got it running. and Bingo i got my buttonMode when moving mouse over my items.

Well that satisfied my application need and i am happy :D.