Hola everyone,
a very hectic schedule going on this season. Working my ass off in my upcoming ambitious project. Anyway i am here and writing about just very basic problem that i faced. For a game project i wanted to show leaderboards, for this part i decided to use web view to show leaderboards page optimized for device. It has some javascript function that is doing its stuff of retrieving leaderboards details and all that. So i wrote a line to load the url pointing to my leaderboard page and guess what it didn’t rendered fully and i was again left scratching my head 😀 . Then after going through many testing i found that stuffs that were dependent on javascript were not getting rendered on my web view so i got the root of the problem i.e dude where is my javascript ? . Then i did a peroid(.) operator on my webview reference variable and found a method setJavaScriptEnabled(), so i did something like this:


and yeah u guessed it right, it rendered fully after calling that method. So i guess by default javascript is disabled on webview. Phew.