I am here again to write on few more pitfalls that i fell into while setting up facebook-phonegap plugin. Set up is explained in the github project site. Just read the steps carefully and follow them one by one, don’t skip steps just for safety. Steps are clear enough to have setup your facebook plugin with phonegap project on xcode. My story starts when i finished all steps and finished setting up my project. So after everything was covered i built my project and fell straight into issues (not many issues and this particular one wasn’t any big):

1) “SenTestingKit.h not found”, yeah so some files from facebook sdk were using SenTestingKit.h which wasn’t created on my project. So to solve this issue, i had to link SenTestingKit.framework from Build phases tab -> Link Binary with libraries to project target.

Now my above issue was resolved. But real pain came next and new issue arose:

2) Undefined symbols for architecture i386: “_OBJC_CLASS_$_SenTestCase”, this gave me pain in my wherever you can think of, for hours. To be honest i was totally blank on this and didn’t know what to do. So i searched forums for this. It seemed that similar kind of problem was faced by many people. I tried every available answers and fixes but none worked for me. I even created and setup project from scratch again just to make sure if i hadn’t skipped any steps. But again, (yeah there is always a but somewhere) nothing worked. So i dig more deeper into my source files of facebook sdk. It seemed all the source files inside test folder were using this “SenTestingKit”. So i simply deleted that test folder from my project navigator, and it really resolved this issue or i removed the source of issue. No more such errors and no more pain and i don’t know about any gain.

But i wasn’t still sure if it didn’t break up the project as you don’t simply delete files and folders from external libraries without knowing. So i tested my project and performed all facebook activities and it seemed to worked fine. I haven’t found any issue till now but lets see.