Its been almost One month that i have been learning and writing Flash application with ActionScript 3.0. After getting familiar with ActionScript 3 and writing lots of program, i tried to venture into 3D. After googling some on doing 3D with ActionScript, i came across PaperVision3D. Its an awesome 3D engine. I enjoyed writing papervision app codes like 3d Carousel and Games. You can download the papervision library from here. There are lots of good papervision tutorials there out. They’l get you start with writing basic papervision programs quickly. I’l also post my work that i have been doing 😀

There is another library that i loved very much and made my life easy :D. Its a physics engine Box2D Flash. Its a port of c++ Box 2D. This is my first time attempt on Box2D library. When i started writing physics based flash game using Box2D Flash, i was very satisfied with the outcome. You can download the library from here.

Links to papervision tutorials that you would like to check out:
Basic starting tutorials:
All good tutorial:
Simple 3D carousel:
Loading 3d model using papervision:
Handling Basic 3D interaction events:
Lighting and Shading:
Texture Mapping:
Basic Shapes and Texture Mapping:

Links to Box2d flash 2.1 you would like to check out:
Getting Started:
Complete Walkthrough of HelloWorld Code Example:
Physics Based Game Tutorial: