I was setting up facebook-phonegap plugin with my phonegap project on xcode. After everything was setup accordingly, i ran the project and many funny things happened after that. Following are the issues that happened:

1) On first attempt run, my xcode stuck on “attaching to myapp” part. I waited and waited and yeah that, but it was stuck.
2) On second attempt i stopped the process and ran the project again. This time app opened up on simulator.

Now i thought it was one time minor issue with simulator or xcode. So i began working on project. After doing my stuff i ran my project again and same above things happened. And this was happening every cycle. I couldn’t understand why xcode build and run process was getting stuck at “attaching to myapp” on first attempt and runs on second attempt after stopping the process. After all this i found third issue:

3) On Application menu of simulator there were two launcher icon for the app, one having image icon(default phonegap icon) and other was blank. When i clicked launcher with image then app closed very quickly after opening, and when i clicked launcher without image then app opened up. This was very strange and brought questions on my mind.

I spent hours and yeah lotsa hours to fix it. I searched stackoverflow for this problem and solution. After lotsa digging around it, i found the answer on one of the forum topic and it did save my life 😛
Solution is:

“Go to Project Navigator -> Select your project name(on top) -> In right pane, select project name under targets -> Select Build Phases Tab -> Expand ‘Copy Bundle Resources'”

Now if you find “Info.plist” within the list then congratulation its your lucky day, Just delete it from list, then clean the project(optional) and run it.

I really hope it works for you too.